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Dr Praver in the Media

Dr. Cohen Praver has published numerous scholarly articles on topics ranging from intimate relationships and sexual abuse and aging to childhood trauma.

A sought-after public speaker at medical and psychology conferences nationwide, Dr. Cohen Praver is at ease in front of all types of audiences. The author’s style is informative, lively, and engaging. She has presented to doctors at hospital Grand Rounds, psychologists at the American Psychological Association national convention, college students in colloquia, lay readers at book signing talks, and television and radio audiences.

Dr. Cohen Praver has appeared on such television shows as Good Morning America, WNBC Weekend Today, New York 1, Metro Psychology, and WLIW ACT 11 with Newsday, WABC TV. She has been interviewed by major radio stations across the U.S. and Canada including ABC Network News, WBIX Frankie Boyer Show, CJAD Morning Radio in Montreal, and Global Medicine Hunter on Sirius Satellite Radio.

She is often quoted as an expert, including in the New York Times Long Island Section, Women’s Day magazine, First for Women magazine, Web MD magazine and website, the Sacramento Bee, Yoga Life Magazine, The Montreal Gazette, USA Magazine, Hot Psychology magazine, and Newsday newspaper and magazine. She has been featured on and Marvelous Girl,, Sunday Republican, Chicago Tribune, Daily Press, Sun-Sentinel, Fox 6.

Print Media- Feature Stories

Aug 9, 2011
Aug 30, 2011 Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, South Florida Sun Sentinel
12/8/11  Infertility article


11/19/11 For Ashton Kutcher, the negative hits just keep coming







July 08, Nip Infidelity in the Bud

July 08, Nip Infidelity in the Bud

May 17        Book Pleasures, online review of book Daring Wives

Apr 07        Newsday Magazine Section, expert in story

Mar 07        Newsday, expert in story

Jan 07        Newsday, expert in story When Parent Bashes Parent.

Feb 07        Women’s Day Magazine, expert in story Marriage Resilience

Jan 07        Body Beautiful, expert in story about women’s infidelity

Choice Magazine, Review

10-06         Psychology Today, expert in story My Friend is Dating a Jerk

10 -06, expert in story on Boomer Dating Tips

09-06        First for Women Magazine, expert in story When it’s Good to be Bad

09-06        Hot Psychology Magazine, expert in story Wives that are Daring, Desperate or Just Disturbed: An Interview with Dr. Praver, Author of “Daring Wives”

06-06, quoted as expert in story Nip Infidelity in the Bud

06-06        Yoga Life Magazine, quoted as expert in story Fight Right, expert essay on Daring or Desperate? Why Women

03-06, expert essay  Seven Myths about Women’s
Extramarital Affair

03 -06        Sacramento Bee Newspaper, quoted as expert in story Best Friends, and in story Women Rely on Other Women

12-05-04    New York Times, Long Island, quoted as an expert in story – High Infidelity: The Island a Hotbed for Desperate Housewives.

11-22-04       Staten Island Advance, featured expert in story – The Melancholy Many Feel around the Holidays is Normal

11-15-04    Library Journal, review of book – Crossroads at Midlife

10-15-04    Booklist, review of book – Crossroads at Midlife

10-07-04    USA Magazine, author of story – No Stopping the Sands of Time

The Montreal Gazette, featured author – At Midlife, It’s Time to Seize the Day
Summer 2004  ASPP Newsletter, author of story – On my New Book, Crossroads at Midlife

7-12-04    The Resident, New York, Opinion, quoted in story – Times are a-Changing

The Leader, featured author – Locust Valley Woman Writes Book: Crossroads at  Midlife

7-2-04        Oyster Bay Guardian-, featured author – Dr. Praver Releases Crossroads at Midlife.

5-2-04        Martinelli Publications, Louis Montclare’s Book Review, featured author – Crossroads at Midlife: Your Aging Parents, Your Emotions and Your Self

Chicago Tribune Magazine, five pages in color- Zia, featured belly dancer, Frances Cohen- Praver – How a North Shore Woman Writhes her Way to Fun and Profits

Chicago Tribune, Tower Ticker, featured belly dancer

12- 76        Oui Magazine, featured personality – People Who Love People Should Get People for Christmas

Chicago Sun Times, featured belly dancer – Letting it All Hang Loose

10-29-75    Chicago Sun Times, featured belly dancer –Kups Column

Television/Radio Appearances

03/28/12     WABC TV, 11:00 PM News Inoculate Your Relationship Against Infidelity

01/16/12    LA Talk Radio, national – 60 minutes live Answers for the Family

12/13/11    WDJZ-AM  radio, New Haven, CT 30 minutes live with Travor Crow

11/28/11     Blog Talk radio, national – 60 minutes live, Art of Relating

11/7/11    WPHM-AM, radio, Detroit, MI- 10 minutes live with Paul Miller

11/7/11    KCMN- AM, radio  Colorado Springs, CO – 10 minutes live with Tron Simpson

10/26/11    KPNW-AM radio, Eugene, OR-10 minutes live with Robb Holloway

10/24/11    KKZZ-AM, metro Los Angeles- 15 minutes live with Kim Pagano

10/19/11    WMPS-AM, radio, Memphis, TN- 10 minutes live with Mark Skoda

10/18/11    BlogTalkRadioNetgwork, national- 30 minutes live with Positively Incorrect, web  radio
10/17/11    CKLW-AM, radio, Detroit, MI- 10 minutes live with Noon Report

10/14/11    WOCA-AM, radio, 25 Minutes live with Larry Whitler Show

10/13/11    KTRS-AM, radio, 15 Minutes with Victoria Babu

10/10/ 11    WBEB- FM, radio, Philadelphia, PA – 15  minutes with Women’s File

10/10/11    KWDQ-FM radio, Oklahoma City, OK – 10 minutes live with Dan Johnstone

1/09/11    WIP, AM and FM. Radio, – 30 minutes live with Peter Solomon

10/09/11    KKNW-AM radio, Seattle, WA- 15 minutes live with Vicki St. Clair

10/08/11    WJBC- AM, radio – 10 minutes live with Steve Fast

10/07/11     Lifestyle Radio Network, National- 13 minutes live with Frankie Boyer

09/27/11    WASH-FM, Washington, DC – 25 minutes live with Lori Brooks

09/26/11    WHAM- AM, Rochester, NY – 10 minutes live with Chet and Beth
09/22/11    KWKM- FM, Flagstaff, AZ- 10 minutes live with Jean Barton

09/25/11    CJAD, Montreal, QUE, radio – 30 minutes live with Kim Fraser

1/24/11    KKZZ- AM, metro Los Angeles,- 15  minutes live with Kim Pagaono

09-25-09    KCAA radio, and KFNX radio, with Dr. Brandon

WLIW TV, Act 11 with Lyn May

05-30-06    WGBB Turn on Your Inner Light Radio Show

05-13-06    KTKK Linda Strassberg Talk Radio

05-02-06    Third Age Radio Show

04-28-06    WBIX Frankie Boyer Show

04-25-06    CJOB Nighthawk with Geoff Currier Radio
04-21-06     as above

The Good Life Show Talk Radio Network

04-21-06    WPYX Morning Radio Show on Clear Channel
The Wolf in the Morning

04-19-06    CJAD Montreal radio The Kim Fraser Show

02-20-06    Sirius Satellite Radio Global Medicine Hunter with Dr. Meg Jordan

2-14-04    WPHC – 90.3 FM radio – Just Relationships

12-14-04    WLIW – ACT 11 with Lyn May

Florida National Radio Network – Smith and Riley

Global TV in Montreal – Morning Show

WNBC – TV – Weekend Today

WLIW 21 ACT 11 with Lyn May
8-28-04    As above
5-27-04    As above
As above

8-18-04    Plum TV, with Steven Gaines

8-04-04    News 12 CT – Health Show with Gillian Ness

8-1-04        WDST radio, Woodstock Roundtable, with Doug Gunther

Adeline’s Chronicles, National Radio Network

NY 1 TV with Christine Shaugnessy

Metro Psychology, T.V-  Adult Abusive Relationships

1974- 83    Good Morning America with Cheryl Tiegs, Taught her to disco-dance
The Phil Donahue Show taught him to belly dance
Stanley Siegel Show, featured belly dancer
Bill Boggs Show, featured belly dancer
WOR News, featured belly dancer
ABC Network News Feature of belly dancing
WABC- A.M and P.M Chicago, featured belly dancer